NAW & Creditsafe Partner to Provide Credit and Financial Insights to Wholesaler-Distributors

Sep 2, 2020 4:11:00 PM / by Nathan Kolb


The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) has partnered with business intelligence experts, Creditsafe, to provide comprehensive and innovative credit management, compliance, and commercial data solutions to the wholesale distribution industry.


This new partnership provides unprecedented access to the data our industry needs in the areas of business intelligence, credit management, compliance, and data. It is one more way that we can help wholesaler-distributors make smarter and more informed decisions, especially in light of the current pandemic.

Dirk Van Dongen

NAW President & CEO

Creditsafe was chosen as NAW’s business intelligence partner due to its extensive database, integrated solutions, and real-time reporting that will allow wholesaler-distributors access to powerful commercial insights. Companies that take advantage of this partnership will be able to leverage data, analysis, and metrics that will provide them a competitive advantage as well as a better understanding of how COVID-19 is affecting their customers.

We are ecstatic to partner with an organization like NAW. Their members will enjoy unique access to market leading credit information as well the ability to automate and integrate data and decision making into their existing credit and collection processes.

Matthew Debbage

CEO of Creditsafe Asia and Americas

The NAW partnership provides access to Creditsafe’s Stay Safe Program, which was developed in response to the pandemic to help every US business have greater access to commercial data so that they could make smarter business decisions. As part of this launch, NAW and Creditsafe are hosting a “Cash is King… again” education series that includes research reports, videos, and webinars focused on credit and finance challenges and opportunities for the wholesale distribution industry.

We are always looking to help wholesaler-distributors be more innovative and to provide them with the best tools available on the market today. Creditsafe fits that criteria, and we are confident that this partnership will be extremely beneficial to our industry for years to come.

Dirk Van Dongen

NAW President & CEO

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Nathan Kolb

Written by Nathan Kolb

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