Webinar: The Past, Present, & Future of The Credit Industry

Dec 11, 2020 3:06:12 PM / by Nathan Kolb

The COVID pandemic has had an impact on all businesses and industries in some form or fashion. The credit industry has been greatly impacted by the pandemic as businesses are having more issues than ever being able to pay on time. Join us as a panel of experts in the credit industry discuss:

  • How the industry has changed since COVID
  • Adjustments that needed to be accounted for
  • The current state of the credit industry
  • What the future of the credit industry could look like

Enjoy The Recording 

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Connect With Our Experts  

Ken Young
Credit Consultant, Author, and Speaker



Julie Young

Director of Credit: The Day & Ross Transportation Group



Michael Farrell
VP of National Accounts and Strategic Advisor Canada: Euler Hermes

Mike bio pic


Lina Chindamo
Director of Accounts: Creditsafe Canada

CIC Nomination Photo-1


Nathan Kolb
Brand Engagement and Content Creation: Creditsafe USA



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Nathan Kolb

Written by Nathan Kolb

Nathan Kolb handles Brand Engagement and Content Creation for Creditsafe. He has a unique and varied background that was formed through experience with entrepreneurship and business ownership, military service, business advising, and as an instructor at various levels. Nathan loves to stay active in mind and body and consistently finds new challenges to apply himself to both professionally and personally.

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