Webinar: Creditsafe and Serrala Present: Connecting Creditsafe with SAP

Feb 15, 2021 10:53:10 AM / by Nathan Kolb

In the second part of our joint webinar series with global credit agency Creditsafe we discuss how you can integrate credit reference data directly into your SAP system. Thanks to intelligent integration valuable credit data is made available in real-time within your system for all your credit management follow-up processes: credit risk scoring based on internal and external data, determination of credit risk category and credit limits, and credit limit decisions and evaluations.

Find out how you can benefit from integration data from Creditsafe in SAP with an agile and flexible solution:

  • No need to retrieve data from online portals manually – the data comes to you
  • Visibility at all time – customer risk monitoring and alert functions recognize any status changes
  • Comprehensive reporting and documentation of all retrieved credit data

Enjoy The Recording 


Connect With Our Experts 

Michael Kohler
Principal Solution Architect: Serrala



Chris Long
Global Head of Customer Success: Creditsafe Group



Nathan Kolb
Brand Engagement and Content Creation: Creditsafe USA



Topics: webinar, credit integration, data integration, Credit Report, credit management, SAP

Nathan Kolb

Written by Nathan Kolb

Nathan Kolb handles Brand Engagement and Content Creation for Creditsafe. He has a unique and varied background that was formed through experience with entrepreneurship and business ownership, military service, business advising, and as an instructor at various levels. Nathan loves to stay active in mind and body and consistently finds new challenges to apply himself to both professionally and personally.

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