Credit Risk & Economic Insights with Creditsafe Canada

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As businesses grow and expand into other countries, it's key for them to have up-to-date and accurate data. Creditsafe Canada is now another resource for businesses currently working in Canada or are looking to. Join us to learn:

  • The data and business intelligence they can provide
  • What credit management tools they currently have available
  • Future expectations for tools, data, and more

Recorded: April 27, 2021. 2pm EST / 11am PST

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Speakers and Host


Steve Carpenter

Country Manager: Creditsafe Canada

Steve is currently the country manager at Creditsafe Canada.  In the last twelve years he has built his career in the world of business information and company credit management solutions helping to make Creditsafe the most exciting brand in the industry.

At Creditsafe he is responsible for driving the on-going international expansion of the group, both in terms of identifying and launching new Creditsafe operations around the world as well as developing new international partnerships and data supply agreements in other markets.


Nathan Kolb

Brand Engagement and Content Creation: Creditsafe USA

Nathan Kolb brings a deep experience to strategic leadership with a background in sales, marketing, tactical planning and operations, project planning and management, and business developmental growth.