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Why do businesses participate in the Trade Exchange Program?

Credit professionals have long relied on the experiences of their peers to make informed decisions and minimize credit risk. They have always engaged in a collective, community approach. Creditsafe brings a credit community approach utilizing the Web and thus delivering the kind of insight not possible with traditional credit bureau approaches alone.

Today’s credit industry is built on a contributory model and companies have been securely sharing this data electronically for over 40 years. Businesses share this A/R data because:

  • Sharing rewards your ‘prompt payers’ and changes the behavior of your ‘slow payers’ (sharing will get you paid faster!).
  • It is safe, secure and confidential. Your company name and information are never revealed.

The power of your 3D Ledger comes from combining your customer payment information with our national database of businesses. That’s how we can tell you:

  • Unique insights and changes to YOUR customers because we know how critical they are to you.
  • Quickly identify customer issues that are most important to you.

Participation Deep-Dive

In the following Creditsafe Webinar, we explore why trade payment data is considered one of the most valuable assets in the business-to-business sector.

It allows for businesses to be able to make better decisions when determining if they would or would not like to work with a certain business. With more uncertainty than ever in today's economy,  understanding the value of trade payment data is more important than ever. Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • How to utilize trade payment data 
  • Why businesses should share trade payment data
  • The benefits of trade payment data