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Is it time-consuming to submit Accounts Receivables?

Reporting trade is a simple process.

If your accounting software is compatible with one of our automated solution, then once the setup has been complete there is zero additional time required. Our solutions will do all the work for you and ensure that your data is updated daily.

If automation is not possible then simply export your customer and aging data into a file and send it to us. Most operating systems allow the data to be exported into excel, .csv, .dsv or .txt formats.

We require that files are update a minimum of every 30 days. So after your month end closes, you can send it to us an update but feel free to send your files more frequently to keep your data as up to date as possible.

Additionally, if you share with another bureau today, you can send us that same file.

And finally, if you're having any issues preparing your file, we have a dedicated team who will happily walk you through the process.