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Is my data safe?

At Creditsafe we take confidentiality and data security very seriously!

Data is our Business. Creditsafe has been handling Trade Payment and other Financial Data for years and has state of the art processes to ensure the best in Data Security. There are many internal processes in place to ensure that your data is handled securely from the time that it is sent to us until it is incorporated in our reports.

  • Your customer data is secure with Creditsafe; we are certified to ISO/IEC 27001 certified (physical and electronic).
  • We treat your data contribution as highly confidential in our products and scores and do not disclose your participation as a trade provider or associate your company name with any trade reference.
  • All information is displayed anonymously on Creditsafe Reports.
  • In the event a company would dispute their credit rating, Creditsafe would not disclose your company name as a contributor, but contact you directly to confirm, modify or remove your trade reference.
  • Creditsafe will not solicit your customers based on the information you provide, nor will we re-sell your customer information for direct marketing purposes.
We are always happy to provide an non-disclosure agreement if required.