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Submit Your Trade Payment Data to Creditsafe

Submit Trade

Preparing Your File for Manual Submission

Submitting a file is fairly straightforward.

We accept and process both invoice level transactional data and summary level aged debt information.

We only ask that you:

  1. Include all the required fields for the type of file you are submitting (Summary or Invoice Level)
  2. Include the required company information fields
  3. Provide as many of the preferable fields as possible this will aid in matching and processing the data
  4. Use a standard file format
  5. Provide Creditsafe with data at least every 30 days

Summary Level

  • Total Balance (Preferable)
  • Current Balance (Required)
  • Balance 1 to 30 Days (Required)
  • Balance 31 to 60 Days (Required)
  • Balance 61 to 90 Days (Required)
  • Balance 91 Days + (Required)
  • Currency (Preferable)

Invoice Level

  • Invoice Ref/No. (Required)
  • Invoice Type (Required)
  • Invoice Date (Required)
  • Due Date (Required)
  • Paid Date (Required)
  • Invoice Amount (Required)
  • Currency (Preferable)

Company Information

Along with your aging and any special comments, the key elements we need to process your data are:
  • Company Name (Required)
  • Address 1 (Required)
  • Address 2 (Required)
  • City (Required)
  • State (Required)
  • Zip Code (Required)
  • Country (Preferable)
  • Phone (Preferable)
  • URL (Preferable)
  • Email (Preferable)
  • EIN/Tax-id (Preferable)
  • SOS (Secretary of State) Reg # (Preferable)

Standard File Formats

Currently, we are able to accept the following formats:
  • Text (.txt)
  • Excel (.xls) & (.xlsx)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • Delimited (.dsv)
  • .dat
  • .prn
  • .trw
  • ASCII files

Sample Files

If you're not able to use our automated process for submitting trade, then the next best thing is to manually submit using one of these two file formats:  

tpd file screenshot

  • If needed, your aging and customer information may be processed via two separate files. We will match the files together for you.
  • We are not be able to process PDF, Word, XML, HTML, or printed/faxed/scanned copies of your customer and aging data. 
  • If you're having issues exporting into one of these formats, we want to help! Please email us at: