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NAW and Creditsafe have partnered to provide access to complimentary tools for credit managers, including access to our COVID-19 Impact score. 

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Better Data = Better Decisions

As the global leader in business intelligence, Creditsafe is trusted by more than 100,000 customers to help them make informed financial decisions. 

We've partnered with NAW to offer US businesses complimentary access to complementary tools that can help you answer questions like: 

  1. Which of my customers are most likely to have trouble paying their bills in the future? 

  2. Is my company following proper compliance laws or are we in danger of potentially working with companies  terrorist or child slavery? 

  3. Is this potential prospect likely to continue suffering from the impacts of COVID-19?

If these are questions you'd like to be able to answer, please consider signing up for a complimentary portfolio review, where we can explore if Creditsafe solutions are right for your company. 


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1. Complimentary Credit Package

Understand the financial health of your suppliers, vendors, and prospects

Partner Health

2. Portfolio Health Review

Understand how the health of your customer base is changing

Portfolio Insights

About the Partnership



Join the Stay Safe Program

1. Complimentary Credit Package

Use this solution to better understand the health of your business partners. Companies that have a recent history of financial issues, such as late payments or legal filings, would be the companies who will most likely struggle to pay their bills in a timely manner or deliver on their products or services in these challenging times.  

This initiative includes 7-day access to: 

Tools within our standard credit reports package

Pull up to 10 reports on US customers, vendors, suppliers or partners

Monitor the business credit on up to 10 companies

2. Portfolio Health Review

Your most valuable asset is arguably your company’s customer database.

Our Portfolio Health tool is designed to help you quickly evaluate the health of your customer base at a given point in time.

With this initiative, we will create a Portfolio Health report for you, and then refresh this report in 30, 60 and 90 days so that you can better monitor, identify and analyze risks within your customer base. 

Note: We've recently enhanced our Portfolio Health Reviews  so that you can better identify risk areas within your portfolio by including the COVID-19 Impact Score. (press release)

The wholesale-distributors community

"Creditsafe makes it easy to put a company in the search and have it pop up and give me a clearer picture of what the customer is really like, not just what they or their friends say that they are. It is a great tool to have to help us, rather than simply relying on our customer’s application or our own internal information."

Jodee Fish
Terry-Durin Company

"I had never heard of Creditsafe before I came to Wayne Pipe & Supply, but have made the best use of the solutions I can since I started. I was able to retire old debts and clean up the accounts with the help of Creditsafe and look forward to expanding my knowledge of all the solutions they offer so we can have the best credit-management practices possible."

Teri Williams
Wayne Pipe & Supply


Why Creditsafe?

As the world’s most used provider of company credit reports, Creditsafe help over 500,000 users make 450,000 decisions daily. Here are just some of the many reasons companies choose Creditsafe:

Our predictive credit scoring system

Our system is one of the most predictive within the industry

No tiered reports

Unlike our competitors we believe in giving you all the information you need in one report.

Our international coverage

As we access to over 365m company reports in 160 countries. 99.9% can be delivered instantly

Approved by insurers

Our credit scores & limits are endorsed and therefore trusted, by all major US credit insurers.

Dedicated support & account management

With a typical response time of 1 hour, we believe every customer deserves personal account management. That is why every client has a dedicated account manager

No automatic renewal

With a customer retention rate of over 95%, we want our customers to stay with us because they are happy with our service, not because they are tied into a contract

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