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COVID-19 Impact Score

In response to the business uncertainty and disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Creditsafe has created the COVID-19 Impact Score.

This score was created to help businesses understand the level of impact that the Coronavirus would likely have on a particular company in the next 90 days. By combining our COVID-19 Impact Score with our Credit Risk Score, businesses can see a clearer picture of a company’s outlook and make decisions based on analysis backed by our industry leading data.

The COVID-19 Impact Score

The COVID-19 Impact Score was created with a two stage methodology. First by analyzing the impact the global pandemic has on particular industries and then by combining that data with company specific information to achieve a score for individual businesses.

Six factors went into determining the COVID-19 Impact Score for every US company in the Creditsafe database:

  • Essential vs Non-essential - Essential industries have been approved to carry on "business as usual" and non-essential industries "have been shut-down from a location/office perspective"
  • Operational - If an industry was classified as non-essential; were they able to set up remotely and continue business virtually?
  • Supply Chain - How impacted is the supply chain for the industry?
  • Revenue - How impacted has an industry's revenue been as a result of the changes from the pandemic? 
  • Payment Behavior – How is the industry paying its bills on average; what is the current industry DBT (days beyond terms)?
  • Location – Where is the particular company located? What are the government regulations in that area and how has the closing or reopening plans affected the ability to conduct business?
covid impact score

Once all the relevant data is analyzed each business in the United States received a score, from A – very low impact, to E- severely impacted. When combined with our Credit Risk Score, the COVID-19 Impact Score provides timely and relevant insights into the current and possible future financial outlook of US businesses.

This enables companies of all sizes to make smarter businesses decisions using our Credit Management Strategy.


Learn how companies are applying the COVID-19 Impact Score to make smarter business decisions from our Managing Director, Mark Edwards.


Can your company benefit from better insights?

Creditsafe is offering every US business complimentary access to credit reporting, monitoring, and data monitoring tools during these challenging times through our Stay Safe Program.

In addition, for companies concerned about the financial health of their customers or suppliers, we're offering to run a free Portfolio Review where we will append the COVID-19 Impact Score to the companies in your portfolio.