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Cash is STILL King: NAW + Creditsafe Webinar Series

Learn why even in today's digital world cash is still king in the wholesaler-distributor industry

Join leadership and experts from NAW, Creditsafe, and various wholesaler-distributors to hear why cash is still king in today's modern and digital business world, and how you can leverage key strategies with your customers and suppliers. 


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Learn how wholesaler-distributors are benefiting from Creditsafe

"Creditsafe makes it easy to put a company in the search and have it pop up and give me a clearer picture of what the customer is really like, not just what they or their friends say that they are. It is a great tool to have to help us, rather than simply relying on our customer’s application or our own internal information."
-Jodee Fish, Credit Manager
Case Study: Terry-Durin Company
"I had never heard of Creditsafe before I came to Wayne Pipe & Supply, but have made the best use of the solutions I can since I started. I was able to retire old debts and clean up the accounts with the help of Creditsafe and look forward to expanding my knowledge of all the solutions they offer so we can have the best credit-management practices possible."
-Teri Williams, Controller
Case Study: Wayne Pipe & Supply Inc.

Learn how Creditsafe can support your team's credit decision needs


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Tools for your team

Receive credit reports, a portfolio health review, and our unique COVID-19 Impact Score for better insights into your customers and suppliers.

Get free tools to support your team:

  • Domestic & international reports
  • Portfolio Health Review
  • COVID-19 Impact Score
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Monitor Your Entire Portfolio

Company Monitoring

Company Monitoring helps you keep a close eye on your customers and suppliers without the need to regularly check their company reports.

News on customers & suppliers:

  • Alerts on credit score changes
  • Updates on financial changes
  • New legal filings

Efficiency Through Automation

Decision Engine

Decision Engine is designed to help your team be more efficient to save time and money by providing tools to automate “easy” credit decisions.

Tools to support your team:

  • Improve productivity
  • Build custom decision trees
  • Streamline decision processes
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