Automate Adding Trade to Creditsafe

Adding trade to your file can play a critical role in helping your company build a robust business credit report

When a company's business credit report is empty or sparse, it can hold them back from accessing critical credit and financing opportunities. 

Through our free tool, we've made it as simple as possible for your company to take advantage of the benefits of an improved business credit report by adding trade directly from most popular accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and FreshBooks.  

Follow these 2 steps to get enrolled in this FREE program from Creditsafe.

Step 1: Claim and Confirm

claim-companyHead to, search for your company and then go through the simply process to claim your business

  • Note: If you don't find your business in Creditsafe's database, use this form to add your company: Add My Company 

Step 2: Connect Your Accounting Software

select platformOnce your account has been created, login to view your company profile and click "Get Started" on the "Build Your Business Credit" banner.

Follow the on screen prompts to in order to select your accounting software and authenticate your accounting platform.

That's it!

Just like many of the largest companies in the world, you're now able to benefit from our trade exchange program that helps give companies confidence in the financial health of their business partners. 

Can we help?

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