In a volatile economic environment, knowing who you are doing business with is of utmost importance. Strong data, business intelligence, and financial insights are the keys to understanding your domestic and international customers. In the first webinar of our series with B2B fintech software experts Serrala, we will explore:

  • How you can optimize the information available to you 
  • How to better know your customers
  • Analyze customer payment behaviors

Recorded: August 5, 2020. 2pm EST / 11am PST



Michael Kohler

Principal Solution Architect: Serrala

Michael Kohler is a Principal Solution Architect with Serrala, a global B2B Fintech, creating more secure global payments capabilities for every enterprise. Michael has been working in the credit risk management field since 2009. His present and previous roles have given him unique insight into best practices in managing credit and compliance risks as well as collections operations for businesses of various sizes and industries. Michael has led and delivered a number of complex international solution implementation projects for global corporations around the world. In his current role with Serrala as a solution Architect, Michael's main focus is on analyzing organizations' needs around credit risk, compliance, and collections management and translating them into software solutions that are both user-friendly and aligned with the trends in an ever-changing environment. 

Mark_Edwards (1)

Managing Director: Creditsafe USA

Mark Edwards is the Managing Director of Creditsafe USA and a registered Global Credit Professional with a history in business information. He has years of experience in portfolio management, credit and risk solutions, and business development.


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Brand Engagement: Creditsafe USA

Nathan Kolb brings a deep experience to strategic leadership with a background in sales, marketing, tactical planning and operations, project planning and management, and business developmental growth.