Submitting Trade Payment Data to Creditsafe

Leverage your payment data to open up opportunities and make more informed financial decisions

By joining our Trade Exchange Program, you'll be putting the correct incentives in place for your vendors to pay you on-time and provide an opportunity to positively impact the credit of your suppliers. In additional, for small companies looking to grow, building out a robust business credit profile can earn you additional finance and contract opportunities.
By joining our program, you’ll be in the best position to benefit from our industry-leading tools that will give you comprehensive insights into the health of the companies you’re working with.

Automate Adding Trade Payment Data

supported accounting toolsDoes your company use a common accounting software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero or Sage?

You're in luck. 

We've made it trivial for you to add your trade payment data directly to Creditsafe. Simply authenticate your accounting tool and we'll automatically pull relevant payment data. 

The simple process is outlined on this page: Automate Adding Trade Payment Data

Benefits of Automation

Secure automated data connections are the best method of sharing your sensitive trading information. Here’s three reasons: 

  • Hassle Free. Automating delivery will save you time and effort, as once setup the data can be transferred every day without any manual work intervention.
  • Daily Updates. This ensures that the information you are providing on your vendors is 100% accurate and up to date. This also ensure that the data and company information you are viewing within our 3D ledger solution is always reflecting your accounting software.
  • Safe and Secure. Our automated solutions are encrypted end to end so you data is in safe hands.

Steps to Automate the Process of Adding Trade

To begin automating the process of adding trade payment data, simply follow these three steps. 

Step 1: Claim your company

Step 2: Login to the Customer Portal

Step 3: Authorize Your Accounting or ERP Software

Manual Submission

Onboarding form (First-time customers only)

If this is your first time manually submitting trade payment data, we ask that you answer the following questions before submitting your first trade file. 

Onboarding Form

Only for customers submitting for the first time

Preparing Your File for Manual Submission

Submitting a file is fairly straightforward.

We only ask that you

  1. Include the key data elements and
  2. Use a standard file format. 
Key Data Elements
Along with your aging and any special comments, the key elements we need to process your data are:
  • Company Name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country (if available)
  • Phone (if available)
  • URL (if available)
  • Email (if available)
  • EIN/Tax-id (if available)
  • SOS (Secretary of State) Reg # (if available)
Standard File Formats
Currently, we are able to accept the following formats:
  • Text (.txt)
  • Excel (.xls) & (.xlsx)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • Delimited (.dsv)
  • If needed, your aging and customer information may be processed via two separate files. We will match the files together for you.
  • We are not be able to process PDF, Word, XML, HTML, or printed/faxed/scanned copies of your customer and aging data. 
  • If you're having issues exporting into one of these formats, we want to help! Please email us at:

Submit Your Trade Payment Data File

Assuming you've prepared a file as described above, submitting your trade data payment (TPD) file is as easy as attaching the file using the form below.

Submit Trade

Additional Resources

Get Complimentary Access to 3D Ledger

3d_ledger_logoDid you know that everyone who agrees to submit trade to Creditsafe gets complimentary access to 3D Ledger

3D Ledger takes your own sales portfolio data and combines it with our international risk management database of over 300 million trade payment experiences. This combined data puts the ultimate solution in accounts receivables collection right in your hands.

You’ll have the tools needed to prioritize your payment collections and help lower the risk of bad debt, reduce invoice payment times, and improve your business’s overall cashflow.

If you're currently submitting trade to Creditsafe, but are not using our 3D Ledger tool, please reach out to our Trade Payment Data (TPD) team so they can get you set up. 

Request Access to 3D Ledger

Customer Experience

"Creditsafe provides us a platform where we can help our customers grow their business, by building credit.  We also utilize the reports to help us make better credit decisions for our customer and their terms."

Elizabeth Stasonis, Accountant
Level 10 Contractor

"By working with Creditsafe, Gateway Sales accomplishes two goals: 1) We share A/R data with the industry to alert other businesses of potential risks. 2) We benefit from the data Creditsafe shares with US by being aware of economic downturns in our clients’ financial history. Working with Creditsafe is one of the best decisions I have made in scrutinizing potential clients."

Marianne Van Name, President
Gateway Sales

Share Your Participation

Many of the companies that submit trade find it beneficial to share their participation with their partners and vendors. It can serve two purposes: 

  1. Positive incentive for them to pay you on time since it's clear that late payments will impact their credit scores
  2. Positive incentive to work with you if they're looking to build their business credit since paying their bills in a timely fashion to you will impact their credit scores

There are many ways to share your participation, but three common ways are:

  1. Include one of the following graphics on your website
  2. Include one of the following graphics within the email signature of relevant staff
  3. Include one of the following graphics on your invoices and reminder letters

Red Logo on off-white

tpd-whiteCode to include the white logo on your website: 

<a href=""><img src="" alt="we report to creditsafe" style="width:300px;"></a>

White logo on black

tbd-black-whiteCode to include this logo on your website: 

<a href=""><img src="" alt="we report to creditsafe" style="width:300px;"></a>

Supported Accounting and ERP Platforms

Whenever possible, we recommend that you automate the process and have built integrations that automate the process for many popular accounting platforms.  

And if you don't see your accounting tool below, don't be concerned. Reach out and we'll figure out a way to work with your system. 

Recommended Submission
ClearBooks Automated
Eclipse Manual
FreeAgent Automated
FreshBooks Automated
KashFlow Automated
Macola Manual
Microsoft Dynamics Manual
MYOB Essentials Automated
Oracle Manual
Sage One or Sage 50 Automated
Sage 300 or Sage 500 Manual
SAP Manual
QuickBook (Desktop, Pro or Online) Automated
XERO Automated


Why do business participate in the Trade Exchange Program?

Why do business participate in the Trade Exchange Program?

Credit professionals have long relied on the experiences of their peers to make informed decisions and minimize credit risk. They have always engaged in a collective, community approach. Creditsafe brings a credit community approach utilizing the Web and thus delivering the kind of insight not possible with traditional credit bureau approaches alone.

Today’s credit industry is built on a contributory model and companies have been securely sharing this data electronically for over 40 years. Businesses share this A/R data because:

  • Sharing rewards your ‘prompt payers’ and changes the behavior of your ‘slow payers’ (sharing will get you paid faster!).
  • It is safe, secure and confidential. Your company name and information are never revealed.

The power of your 3D Ledger comes from combining your customer payment information with our national database of businesses. That’s how we can tell you:

  • Unique insights and changes to YOUR customers because we know how critical they are to you.
  • Quickly identify customer issues that are most important to you.
Is my data safe?

Is my data safe?

At Creditsafe we take confidentiality and security seriously:

  • Your data is anonymized and combined with data submitted by thousands of other sources. Additionally, we do not reveal the source of the accounts receivables data.
  • Physical and logical security is critical which is why we undergo yearly certification for SSAE (formerly SAS70) type 2 audits.
  • We will be happy to provide an NDA if required.
Is it time-consuming to submit Accounts Receivables?

Is it time-consuming to submit Accounts Receivables?

Reporting trade is a simple process.

If your accounting software is compatible with one of our automated solution, then once the setup has been complete there is zero additional time required. Our solutions will do all the work for you and ensure that your data is updated daily.

If automation is not possible then simply export your customer and aging data into a file and send it to us. Most operating systems allow the data to be exported into excel, .csv, .dsv or .txt formats.

We require that files are update a minimum of every 30 days. So after your month end closes, you can send it to us an update but feel free to send your files more frequently to keep your data as up to date as possible.

Additionally, if you share with another bureau today, you can send us that same file.

And finally, if you're having any issues preparing your file, we have a dedicated team who will happily walk you through the process.

What if we already report to another credit bureau?

What if we already report to another credit bureau?

This is great.

You can now earn all the benefits of Creditsafe's trade exchange program without the need create a separate file. If you're currently sending manual files, you can simply send us the same file that you send to the other credit bureau.

And if you're interested in our automated solution, it's worth noting that our solution works independently of any other data connection that you may have, so there will be no setup issues.

What if we have divisions that use different accounting systems?

What if we have divisions that use different accounting systems?

No problem, we can connect to both accountancy systems and handle the data on our end.

If automation is not possible, then simply submit a file from each operating system and we will take it from there.

What if it's our company policy to not report to anyone?

What if it's our company policy to not report to anyone?

We understand the need to closely protect your customer portfolio data which is why we are stringent with our data security measures.

While you may not be able to change your company's policies, it's worth noting: 

  • Your customer data is secure with Creditsafe; we are certified to SSAE 16 SOC 1 data security standards and ISO/IEC 27001 certified (physical and electronic).
  • We treat your data contribution as highly confidential in our products and scores and do not disclose your participation as a trade provider or associate your company name with any trade reference.
  • All information is displayed anonymously on Creditsafe Reports.
  • In the event a company would dispute their credit rating, Creditsafe would not disclose your company name as a contributor, but contact you directly to confirm, modify or remove your trade reference.
  • Creditsafe will not solicit your customers based on the information you provide, nor will we re-sell your customer information for direct marketing purposes.
What if we have group of accounts that are offered special terms and we don’t want them to show up as paying slow?

What if we have group of accounts that are offered special terms and we don’t want them to show up as paying slow?

This is not uncommon. Your Trade Data Specialist will work with you regarding these accounts. If there are just a few, send a list and tell us how you want their payments reflected month after month. If there are a lot, add a code to your file, and let us know how you want their payments reflected.

Do my files have to be in the same format each month?

Do my files have to be in the same format each month?

Consistency of data submission is important because once we code to your initial data submission file, our system will not recognize any changes made.

We ask that you continue sending over your data in the same format/layout and if you expect changes in layout or change of software, please let us know so we may coordinate and recode your profile accurately.