The 5 Zones You Need to Know to Succeed in Collections

Mar 2, 2021 4:08:03 PM / by Mary Shores


Picture this: You’re on a collection call. You’ve verified the contact and identified yourself. You’ve also given the mini-Miranda. Now, the call can go in what seems like infinite directions.

Maybe the consumer will be friendly. Maybe the consumer will be hostile. Maybe he will pay. Maybe he will hang up. The list of possibilities goes on and on.

As a collector, you may be overwhelmed by the high number of possible directions the call can go. In fact, I often hear collectors say they feel like they have very little control on collection calls.

What if I told you that you do have control over how the call unfolds? The secret lies in understanding the five zones of a collection call.

Let’s dive into each of these zones to discover what they are and how they can make or break a collection call.

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Mary Shores

Written by Mary Shores

Mary Shores is a second-generation debt collection agency owner, bestselling author, and creator of the Collection Advantage online training program, which is designed to help collectors create and execute high-converting scripts.

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