Small businesses vet their paper clips more carefully than they vet their customers

Dec 6, 2019 12:00:00 AM / by Matthew Debbage

Entrepreneurs and small business owners carefully scrutinize every decision, down to the cost of paper clips. But, ironically, many neglect to vet the biggest potential source of risk to their business – their own customers and clients. Even just one non-paying customer has the potential to sink a company.

Small businesses would do well to take a lesson from their corporate brethren and avail themselves of the business credit report. This fundamental financial tool is packed with information that can help a small business owner mitigate risk and make smarter business decisions because he or she will have access to up-to-date intelligence on current and potential customers. And, as many entrepreneurs are learning, business credit reports are no longer the domain of only the corporate world.

Peeling The Financial Onion

Long a staple of major corporations, business credit reports are increasingly being used by small businesses and entrepreneurs.


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Matthew Debbage

Written by Matthew Debbage

Matthew Debbage is the COO of Creditsafe Group and the CEO of Creditsafe USA. He has been responsible for Creditsafe’s international expansion across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Matthew has been building a career in business intelligence and business credit management solutions for more than a decade and has developed global expertise along the way.

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