New UK and Ireland Scorecards

Dec 6, 2019 5:47:00 PM / by Dustin Luther

UK Scorecard Matrix

We will be introducing new Scorecards for the UK and Ireland  to enable greater prediction of company failure. We are excited to announce that the enhancements will be made on the evening of 12/6/19. 

With the enhancements to our new Scorecard reflecting current risk factors, there will inevitably be shifts in credit scores, probability of defaults and recommended credit limits. Using more predictive variables in our new UK and Ireland Scorecards means that we can better assess a company’s circumstance and grant a more realistic, robust score and limit. 

Due to the immediate impact that the scorecard launch will have on company scores, we have decided to turn off Monitoring alerts for all score and limit changes for UK & Irish businesses on December 7th. Should you wish to review the scores of the UK & Irish businesses you monitor once the new scorecard has been implemented, we recommend visiting your Monitoring dashboard. Your Monitoring alerts for score and limit changes will resume as normal from December 8th onward.

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Dustin Luther

Written by Dustin Luther

CMO, Creditsafe USA

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