New and Enhanced Scorecards are Coming

Oct 17, 2019 5:35:00 PM / by Dustin Luther

scorecardWe are pleased to inform you that over the next year we will be launching new Business Credit Scorecards across 5 countries. Our new scorecards will bring greater predictability with the inclusion of new data, further segmentation and algorithm enhancements.

Our primary focus is to deliver you with scorecards that best protect your business from risk and debt losses, while also allowing maximum exposure to new opportunities.

As the local and global economies shift, the factors influencing business failure and the signs of a company heading into hardship will change. To reflect these changes, ongoing scorecard enhancements are necessary.

We want to minimize any disruption these scorecard enhancements may cause and will provide details of each scorecard change in the months leading up to their implementation.

We will soon be launching a dedicated scorecard webpage where you can find further information, FAQs, new announcements and regional scorecard guides as they are released.

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Dustin Luther

Written by Dustin Luther

CMO, Creditsafe USA

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