Irish Reports Get a Platform Makeover

Nov 20, 2020 11:32:48 AM / by Bridget Pearson

Irish UPP ReportCreditsafe continues its plans to provide customers with a universal product platform to view business credit reports by adding Irish reports to our newest interface.

Ireland is our 6th entity to migrate to the new user interface; adding more than 1 million reports on 800k+ companies to the portal.

What’s different?

  • Modern, easy to navigate interface
  • Single gateway to international reports; including faster report retrieval times
  • Interactive graphs & tables making it easier to get valuable company insights


Up Next 

We have plans for updates on Japan, Italy, United Kingdom and France. Check back often to find out when these go live. 

Have you been using the new reports? What are your thoughts and what countries would you like to see next? 

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Bridget Pearson

Written by Bridget Pearson

Bridget Pearson is the Creditsafe USA US Product Manager where she is primarily responsible for the planning, development, and deployment of all functionality and data changes within the products on the Creditsafe web portal. Bridget has a background in product management across a variety of industries and is a ceaseless advocate for user focused solutions that turn customers into fanatical fans. Outside of work Bridget enjoys investing in her health and fitness, party planning for friends and family, or trying her hand at new hobbies like gardening and learning guitar.

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