Global Monitoring Expands Again!

Jun 23, 2021 12:12:13 PM / by Nathan Kolb

PressRelease_countryupdateOur real-time global monitoring has expanded yet again to include 4 new countries. Businesses in Slovakia, Servia, Croatia, and the Czech Republic are now able to be monitored through the Creditsafe customer portal.


This newest expansion adds will update business information such as, company status, local credit score, payment behavior, director details, and more every 24 hours. Monitoring was already available on businesses in 31 other countries across the globe. Our data and tech teams are planning to bring many more countries online in the second half of 2021.


Real-time monitoring allows for continual updates of domestic and international companies to be included in your credit management decisioning via manual checks, automated emails, or fully automated integrations.


For more information on monitoring please visit our info page or schedule a time to chat with one of our team members.

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Nathan Kolb

Written by Nathan Kolb

Nathan Kolb handles Brand Engagement and Content Creation for Creditsafe. He has a unique and varied background that was formed through experience with entrepreneurship and business ownership, military service, business advising, and as an instructor at various levels. Nathan loves to stay active in mind and body and consistently finds new challenges to apply himself to both professionally and personally.

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